Fast Food Advantages and Disadvantages in Urdu – An essay About Fast Food

An essay on fast food advantages and disadvantages in Urdu cannot start without a discussion of the fast food chains in the country. Most people know of the fast food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and so on. These companies target the masses with their marketing strategies and this is how they get a firm foundation to survive and even grow. Their strategies focus on attracting as many customers as possible. In fact, most of their customers are youngsters who want something to eat at an affordable price, and so they patronize these food chains.

But there are also other chains that cater to the elite class of Urduis. These restaurants have great ambience, and they are expensive as well. But for ordinary citizens who cannot afford the expensive food, they prefer to patronize these chain restaurants. It is a good strategy because they spend a large sum of money every month, and hence they are in a position to make their opinions heard about this type of restaurant business in Urdu.

The essayist’s objective is to expose the negative aspects of this fast food service. This essay talks about the disadvantages that people face while having frequent visits to these chain restaurants. This also involves explaining how the people perceive these chain restaurants to be hip and happening. Finally, this essay concludes with a conclusion about the future of these fast food businesses.

This essay begins with a discussion about the fast food chain. The essayist begins with a quote from a famous Urdu poet. He says that “Starve, and perish; this is the lesson of fast food”. He then explains that this quote refers to the eating habits of Urduis. Nowadays, many Urdu writers have taken this concept and used it to make a comment on this topic.

According to this essay writer, this idea has a lot of truth in it. Nowadays, people do not have enough time to cook meals and therefore depend on fast food chains to take them there. The essay writer goes on to say that many people in Urdu have started to refer to eating disorders as a blessing in disguise. This has made many people to relate to the experiences of those who suffered from such conditions. Therefore, the writer suggests that this way of thinking may be the only way that a person can overcome his or her addiction to fast food.

The second part of this essay is the analysis of the fast food industry as a whole. Internet Page begins by providing a brief history of this chain eateries to the present. Then, he proceeds to describe the different types of these eateries as well as how they differ from each other. After this, the essay ends by explaining why the essay writer believes that eating disorders are caused by eating at a particular chain restaurant.

The third part of this essay describes the different types of foods served at these chain restaurants. It lists down all the dishes offered at each location, their prices as well as nutritional information for each dish. The essay then proceeds to compare all the dishes in terms of taste, health, value for money and convenience. The final section of the essay compares the fast food chain to other eateries in Pakistan as well as abroad. It concludes by comparing the benefits of fast food to traditional and healthy cuisines.

This essay is an ideal text for students who are planning to write an essay about fast food. However, the essay should not be compared to pop psychology or cultural studies, because the authors did not write this essay. They are students who are pursuing PhD in Oriental Studies. The reader should always check for their accuracy before relying on the written material.

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